sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2009

...hulk? Baby Cry?

What’s for the anger? The best part of letting your body inject adrenaline is that you can see a part of yourself that is almost at all time unconscious. The worst part is that you need to keep holding on while a smarty-ass is trying to make you look like an animal because he cant use his education… in this case only if he had any… and the sucker made me forget mine, the bastard was lucky ‘cause I have amazing friends, that were, of course, angry with me, but God knows how to talk up to me, making our sick-madness-about-to-emerge go down and to raise ourselves steady. I don’t know, but some things inside me are changing, some views, some acts, I guess, when big things are about to happen, we need to be ready to make part of it, we need to be more cold to handle delicate situations and put apart some aspects that we by mistake insist in waking it wrong, such an unexplainable hard-dealing with feeling… I guess that if my parents spoke more, or if they were hypocrites they would told me that this is part of your mind ageing , an evolving process such as leaving the “boy mind” to an almost adult thought… but momma’s just giving me the right dose to live and find some things by myself, she ALWAYS knows what’s best… I guess she’s proud and trustful for what she taught me thru all of these years. STOP THE READING!!! Did you see that I changed the subject in a soft way? What subject? Got it? It comes to the same point that I emphasize about the worthy-and-so-healthy friendship!
I had this in my mind last Thursday… I hope this isn’t strange for you people… ;D

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