quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2014

Ocean of My mind

Waves conquer the skies
Forces the winds to dive
But will never be inside
Stormy ocean of my mind.

When the storm settles down, there is only peace and quiet, on a lonely land of no lands. 
A place for the wind to run and never discover what is kept inside… the ocean of my mind. 

domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Inside my most precious desires, I found the willing to share my smiles and my tears with you, and the most tempting desire is, at the same time, the most silly: to hug you.
The missing spot inside my routine is temporary, just until I fulfill it with those beautiful feet that stepped on the marvelous lands of Ararat, and feel the beautiful edge of your skin that gained the strong august sun rays, but preferred to look like the January snow…
Your hair announces your mood, just like the weather for a day…. If its curly, you just don’t care what comes next, just like the rain… if its straight, you measure your steps…. But even if the forecast say that the weather will be hard, I say that I love both your hair styles… because it fits you perfectly.

(Picture made on Charents Arch view)

terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2014

I can’t afford suffering the loss of someone I didn’t have yet, but still feel like that you can’t leave without... the someone you look at the moon with a passionate smiling eyes and you are certain that she is doing the same, while admiring the sky and appreciating the wind at the same time while the quiet night invites us to our still lonely bed, and makes my brain drain the thoughts to the day she’ll be on the same bed as mine, appreciating the same light decomposed on the light clouds around the moon we just saw, in a night with a photon-slower rainbow around that moon, looking like a majestic eye, but still not compared to the bright among the darkness that ill have coming from your smiling and seducing eyes at my bed… but as the moon cuts the darkness with its rays, the absence of not having you cuts the deepest of my thoughts, north my own ways to transcend time to the day I’ll share my body heat with you at those restful and smiling dreams that I believe that will come true, and yet pull my whole strength to when those days come, to go slower so we can retard the process of growing old… my only fear is that time won’t be enough to discover you completely… and even if I don’t find a way out, I’ll love to share the old marks of our skin, the grey hair… but still I’ll give you the same burning eyes every night, expecting you to give me the look that will make me fall in love every day. 

terça-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2014


In the quiet night i face the outline of the light drawing your curves torn to the only spot of the far away city that twinkles on our window while we stare at each other… funny that I see your eyes in so many different tons of tungsten and sometimes white… and no sound is heard, only feel the breathing wind that is blown through you, and I believe that you’re feeling the same.

Not even a touch is given, smiles come up and down, serious expressions are given and taken back, but the consistency of the silence is kept, as a sacred rule…. Your cat eyes are orchestrating my moves and heartbeats, which remained really slow and tender, almost tempting me to share the heat of my body and turn the lights to a completely blind darkness…

When the eyes were seeking for the full attention of each other, the darkness was given and only the delicate touch of your nose housing mine, and mine yours… to make sure that the distance was kept, none. So I woke up…. With such a different tone…

Now I’m safe, at least from the light of the day…