domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Inside my most precious desires, I found the willing to share my smiles and my tears with you, and the most tempting desire is, at the same time, the most silly: to hug you.
The missing spot inside my routine is temporary, just until I fulfill it with those beautiful feet that stepped on the marvelous lands of Ararat, and feel the beautiful edge of your skin that gained the strong august sun rays, but preferred to look like the January snow…
Your hair announces your mood, just like the weather for a day…. If its curly, you just don’t care what comes next, just like the rain… if its straight, you measure your steps…. But even if the forecast say that the weather will be hard, I say that I love both your hair styles… because it fits you perfectly.

(Picture made on Charents Arch view)

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