terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2014

I can’t afford suffering the loss of someone I didn’t have yet, but still feel like that you can’t leave without... the someone you look at the moon with a passionate smiling eyes and you are certain that she is doing the same, while admiring the sky and appreciating the wind at the same time while the quiet night invites us to our still lonely bed, and makes my brain drain the thoughts to the day she’ll be on the same bed as mine, appreciating the same light decomposed on the light clouds around the moon we just saw, in a night with a photon-slower rainbow around that moon, looking like a majestic eye, but still not compared to the bright among the darkness that ill have coming from your smiling and seducing eyes at my bed… but as the moon cuts the darkness with its rays, the absence of not having you cuts the deepest of my thoughts, north my own ways to transcend time to the day I’ll share my body heat with you at those restful and smiling dreams that I believe that will come true, and yet pull my whole strength to when those days come, to go slower so we can retard the process of growing old… my only fear is that time won’t be enough to discover you completely… and even if I don’t find a way out, I’ll love to share the old marks of our skin, the grey hair… but still I’ll give you the same burning eyes every night, expecting you to give me the look that will make me fall in love every day. 

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