terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2009

kid Yves!

In some great feeling I’ll try to make some sense for the first time in my blog.. to start… I always had a music in my mind and I decided to modify it, so it can sound more close to my living and truth… “…I can finally fly…”
Some new kind of a feeling of a trustful-harmonic sensation, fulfilled with old scores and new thoughts for them… I’ll try to get back to what I always wanted to do… and try to breath some freedom.
“..is there a second time I looked around…” and then I saw things undone in my bedroom and I’ll make them done… strange that I’m writing tons of thoughts in such a disorder… maybe “…I wont wait to find, if this will last forever…worry about no rainy weather… I wont waste no time remembering about our lives together… always together”
Forget the past, live it as a lesson, live it so intense that you won’t feel it slip thru your fingers… be present at the lives of ones that love you, cause that’s what really matter…
Kisses mates! This is my cousin… Keila, love you!

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