quinta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2009

imogen heap

As usual... “....spin me, round again, and rub my eyes....”
Music makes life poetical, makes life new, even if it seems old enough to stop living. Big part of my problems are given to Him, but the process of treatment is given by new music, new influence of new songs…
For the first time I try to lead my week without putting in practice what I most was adoring to do again, to write here… to be sincere I was composing a song… I suppose I saved some thoughts and neurons and shift it on a song that’s not ready… just like other six ones, but I promised to myself that I would finish it one day… even if it would be the last thing that I would do.
I assume that some of the things that I want are fooling me around…”hide and seek…” with my main life scores, I need to find them and give it a shot… give life a chance to let it be for real, not to be what we try to program… interesting is to think that our life could be programmable and make big things happen in the achievement, but no… if life was so easy to handle, people weren’t suffering in the streets. Try to program your life by doing what you have in front of you and let the rest in the Hands of The All-Mighty, and not searching things to do and forget your stuff… maybe you think that other people stuff’s are more interesting than yours, no way! When in your poor thought you would think that accomplishing your scores that life gave you isn’t interesting?
Don’t try to understand life… not even why sometimes it works wrong… but make every opportunity, the best you can have, and do your best. “…sweet insensitivity of this still life, hide and seek…you don’t care a bit…” (Music listened: Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap)
Kisses darlings…
(no pics 4 2day)

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