domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

I shall be

Even if the breezy wind of a not quite common winter of this place cut my legs when I walk in this sleepy chill-out weather, I would still stand for you, not only that… I would run like a unstoppable creature, different than you know me, closer to my instincts and far away from the living hell of the human global madness… My beliefs are greater than any knowledge proclaimed to this society and my dreams were made to me lived, and as I walk through this rough road, I know I will find a new challenge to defeat, if my enemies rise a wall to stop me, I will bring it down, if I find a sea to cross, I will swim it… for all this, I shall only fear the one who can stop me, myself. Its wicked to live with an enemy inside us, and to win it every day on a lifetime battle…. I shall say that when you conquer all these steps, and still feel you have done nothing, just look who you are and where you are, but always aiming where you will be, so, for that, never stop dreaming, fighting or surrendering to God all of your moves, so it can be more than blessing, it could be your everyday victory.

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