sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

smooth jazz

Once more I find myself in the need of being thankful for God’s entire blessing. Before I slept, some thoughts came into my head of how complete and happy I am. I have a girlfriend who I can trust and love as the same for her, I have friends worried in making each moment of my life unique and worried about my welfare as it is, God gives me the all of sorts of opportunity and as in the same time shows me the best. The most important of all of the blessings is my family, through in such plenty years, have been in terrible situations, fought with honor like knights and received the crown of an eternal fellowship of great human beings bonded by their blood and love. I'm proud and I’ll do my best for all of you, waiting none, but God’s mercy and compassion, for an honored life.

For the picture, one of my best moments (without Noellen by my side) taking pictures, this dude was giving his life playin’ sax with such style! he just got the best in New York’s jazz (CD 101.9Mhz) and with a smooth never-ending evening in Ipanema’s best side, Arpoador, made magic happen, I just tried to play along… proud of my pic and special thanks to the All-Mighty!

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