quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Pensamento guardado a uma semana...

Well, dudes I gotta tell ya.. Remember when I mentioned once in this same blog about a dream that I had and I woke up and still felt in a dream? I need to give more emphasis on that feeling for this post, you know, I still sometimes wake up and still I'm stuck in this dream… but remember the girl? Well… she exists… and the most wicked thing that I can reveal is that I saw her, and in a few words and some tender kisses, I felt like I knew her since I was a harmless boy, "…lets tell the world we're in that crazy moon.." and so my head went on… since that day that I felt like in a dream, or film, or whatever it could be, but with the perfect feeling, I just knew that things should be changing for me… I guess that maybe I should tell her more times "…Lets get lost!" Things tried to change, and in the most special moments with her… I sang "Time after Time", a very charming Chet Baker song that almost made the moment sacred, and we imagined our lives in a few years, and wondered if we could continue this dream… well, I hope so…"you kept my love so young, so new…I'm so lucky to be loving you.". The most funny part of every thing, is that we have the same sensations and feelings, even if we're not close… She usually would say "it's because we have a connection, silly!" Well, I hope I don't wake up for this dream… I know that not everything's magic, but who said that everything need to be so serious? Just like a friend should say: "Why so serious?" The Main point is, let life be the way it should and try to feel all of the wonderful sensations and tick-tacky things that maybe hurt you, but would make you who you really need to be. (she taught me that too, but in another ways)

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