terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009

Cute dirt...

Maybe I missed the shape of a regular work day, where I come, talk to everyone, see what’s happening, and tell the one I once loved that everything’s alright, maybe my head wont need to plan anymore undoable things just to try to make life more exciting. The fact is that I still didn’t figure out a way out of this prison that I made, that I built the walls and painted black or dark colors with a simple illusion of a white-colored room with a big wooden window with a great view… Think about a Homelife… dream about a homelife, like I could listen my head telling me that, screaming, shouting, trying to fetch my attention caught in a John Mayer live song. But who is responsible for our destiny? We are. We are the ones that will take the necessary and unnecessary actions trying to be bright or to be clever while you save your own life. “…dreaming ‘bout making you my wife… dreaming ‘bout the homelife….you take your homelife…”
In fact I’m not a-okey, but I’ll do just fine, just keep walking (Johnny Walker, lol)… kisses!
(The picture maybe stands up for what i have to do, even if the time run thru my hands, i'll stand still as the captain of my life, making a smooth ride... strange how mickey did that... rs)

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