quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Bumbling with the Humble bee's

Well... i gotta tell you... it would be harder then i thought... I saw once a shiny piece of the sun inside your soul, a perfect space for some hope, a beautiful garden of love, and some peaceful space for my heart… but it rained, it snowed and the seasons made our heart grow different, weeds came out from the nowhere and maybe to feel you still-beating heart I needed to change and maybe cut some branches… Maybe the touch of your fingers in my rough skin would never be the same again… maybe the sun would not be so comfortable in the freezy winter of your madness or mortified by some suddenly-came-from-nowhere thoughts… Your flower that once had Purple petals, now are brown and dusty, trying to figure out what did the weather have to do with its change… but the weather didn’t change… you made the world change with the pollen you gave to the bees, that made a different honey, that the bear ate and roared different, and killed the hunter, and made the world a hostile place to be, and Gaia couldn’t do nothing for it… of course… life had found a new path to go… maybe The Gardener should change the pots or the water, or change the plants, or even the flowers… well… if I knew the future, living in the present wouldn’t be so terrific! (or not… lol)
Take care people, cause I’m trying to do the same, and my friends are doing the same for me… =)

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