quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2007


“Today I dreamed that true was paramont....”(Seal)

its something like this that happened to me… strange cause in the last days I wasn’t dreaming, but over the sudden, when I slept yesterday I was at my friends house, but she was living in my grandma’s old house and she called tons of friends and I got kind of shy and I spoke to each one of them, and then, over the sudden(again) I was at Scotland with some friends, when I ran away from a pub cause I was making fun, but then the owner thought that I was stealing something and then started to shoot at me… but I ran faster, me and my friends, and then I still was at Scotland but then the sun started to show up just as in Brazil, but not so hot, and then I was talking to this girl, she was smiling so pretty to me… her body seemed to be “calling” me to love her, but not in a sexual way, I cant explain damnit! But it was something magic… she hugged me, but we couldn’t stop smiling and talking very smooth, and then John Mayer’s music came from the nowhere, but then his music “Somethings Missing” came originally, but I started to modify the music and mentally change it to build a new one, and then I created a new one totally “fellingfull”, it had a new atmosphere, and then I was with the girl again, but her face changed a bit, and I was like the most complete man in the world, and then I woke up with the stupid alarm… but I shut it down and tried to go back to the dream, I only god more smiles… but in anyways… I was a strange, but perfect feeling, I just walked in the house and just felt like I was still in the dream… I don’t know, somethings gonna happen, but I’ll wait for it… maybe who knows a beautiful girl comes to my life and complete the missing part of me? Ahuuhauha
I’ll be here, just composing and doing what I gotta do…

(first pic, scotland, in the second pic, me doing a never-seen face and my lunatic friend)

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