terça-feira, 11 de abril de 2017

Now the circumstances of the greater good are still unknown for most of the living souls of these lands, yet I must try to live it always in all cycles of my life ... never letting the main goal vanish in my most strong and vivid moments of life.

I can feel weak in most of them, perhaps suffer in others, but I will always have my main Creator, Elohim Sabaoh, by my side, that Hugs me when I don’t have anyone to, Heals my wounds when I’m in pain, Leads me to a beautiful path in my own soul and mind, Bringing me peace in the middle of a chaotic world of intense struggle.

Again I still don’t understand the meaning of all this, but I might trust His judgement and keep fighting the good fight, trying to finish the race, trying to keep the faith.

Thank you God, for all the beautiful moments given, because You never let me down. 

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