terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011

light walking...

People can save your day, save your night, or even save you until time can give you chance to do let it... I’m thankful for the perfect touch, the only touch waited in so many years, in so many turbulent days, days that I haven’t spent all of it losing it, instead, I gave myself the right time to be saved… like in a one-man-battle, I still loosed a few of my bests, but I can grow new ones, on the right way… the funniest part is… “Master Bruce, why do we fall?” , just like in the movies… but I lived this, lovely!

I do not live in the Ristvak’baen anymore… I can find myself at the place I wanted to be, the place where I can manipulate my own time, where the wind spins around you, while you walk with me… Edoc’sil? Not anymore… thanks to you-know-who.

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